AL East now vs My predictions

I would like to think I was right, that it is a 3 horse race but Captain Obvious could have told you that.

1. Red Sox
2. Yankees .5
3. Rays 5
4. Blue Jays 9
5. Orioles 14

Toughest division in baseball

1, 2, 3: Yankees, Red Sox, Rays
I honestly dont know and can’t even think to pick who will win this division. Each of these teams has faults:

1. Rays
Pitching wont be as good but the offense will be great.

2. Red Sox
The only way this team doesnt make the playoffs is if the injury bug bites half the team. Varitek scares the life out of me. He should not be starting.

3. Yankees
The Yankees need a center fielder. Between that and a lack of a solid centerfielder and a third basemen they will not score enough runs in every game. I also dont trust Jeter and Posada anymore. I like the pitching. Another factor to consider, it will take a couple months to get used to the park adjustments that a home field team is used too. All these problems will only cost them 5 to 9 games but in this division it matters.

4. Orioles
I would sincerly pick them to win any other division in baseball except the AL Central. This team will improve.

5. Blue Jays
I love this team and if they were in the West, I would probably pick them to win but with the division getting better and this team doing nothing to imprrove, I cant see them winning it.


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  1. tracking back AL East now vs My predictions… tracking back AL East now vs My predictions…

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