AL West reality vs Predictions

The AL west is certainly the worst division in baseball. The only reason why they have so many teams over 500 is because they keep beating up on Oakland.

1. Rangers  I was right on them : )
2. Angels .5
3. Mariners 3.5
4. As 11.5

Worst division in baseball

1, 2, 3: Rangers, A’s, Angels

1. A’s
The only thing that scares me about this team is that they are relying too heavily on young pitching. Not a good thing.

2. Rangers
Going out on a limb, a little. I just expect this team to improve.

3. Angels
They have the offense but the pitching health worries me. They are already collapsing.

4. Mariners
Can we just send this team to Double A where they can atleast have a chance to compete?

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