Nl Central Standings vs Predictions

The NL central is a tight race. Every team is in it, that is why the Pirates players are so pissed off at management’s selling.
So I may have been wrong on the Cardinals, but I still don’t like them to win the division.

1. Cardinals
2. Brewers 2.5
3. Reds 4.5
4. Astros 4.5
5. Cubs 4.5
6. Pirates 8 they are still in it.


1. Pirates
Simply put, who else is going to win the division? To be honest though I love their pitching.

2. Cubs
After watching the collapse and seeing it every game, I just dont see this team competing this year. The pitching situation only got worse. While, I love addition of Milton Bradley, I dont like the loss of Mark DeRosa.

3. Astros
This team scares me. If I was a manager in late September I would not want to see them on my schedule. They will compete.

4. Brewers
Another team that will compete to the bitter end. Ultimately they wont have enough.

5. Reds
Will the pitching be healthy? Will Edwin Encarnacion finally live up to his potential? If the whole team plays to its potential and stays healthy they can win the division.

6. Cardinals
I dont like any of the moves they made. The bullpen seems lifeless.


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