The NL East vs Predictions

I didn’t think so highly of this division at all. I knew the Nationals were going to be bad yet I still had them in 3rd.

1. Phillies
2. Marlins 2.5 dead wrong on them and the Braves, or was I wrong on the mets?
3. Braves 5.5
4. Mets 6.5
5. Nationals 21.0

1. Phillies
I only have them here because the other teams in their division failed to improve.

2. Mets
Where is the starting pitching?

3. Nationals
They only get this position because I am so down on the 2 teams below them. I love Ryan Zimmerman.

4. Braves
All their moves this season were overrated. I dont trust their offense.

5. Marlins
They gave away some good players.


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