trade analysis marion and memphis

Grizzlies get: Jerry Stackhouse, cash, and a 2nd round draft pick from Dallas
By participating in this trade they got to get rid of a player they didn’t want in Greg Buckner and cash to cover Stackhouse’s buyout. This trade actually saved Memphis a lot of money. Buckner’s salary was more than Stackhouse’s buyout. And even they they got money to cover the buyout.
Orlando gets: Trade exception and cash
What they really get: A trade exception for Hedo Turkoglu’s salary. Look Orlando doesn’t need this trade exception, they said it themselves. If they really could have use this exception then they would have kept Hedo in the first place. So Orlando is the cash worth it to make a divisional competitor stronger than you think?

Toronto gets: Devean George, Antoine Wright, Hedo Turkoglu.
What they really get: everything they want. They get a midlevel exception now thanks to Orlando. (They don’t have to use their cap space on Turkoglu because they just traded Marion for him essentially in this deal.
For the good karma in giving Marion his money, they get to keep their midlevel exception.
They get rid of bad contracts and players they don’t want in Kris Humphries and Nathan Jawai.
Toronto thinks they are closer to the playoffs than Orlando thinks they are, and I think Toronto is right.
I don’t think that Turkoglu is worth Marion.

Dallas gets: Shawn Marion, Kris Humphries, Nathan Jawai and Greg Buckner
What they really get: A lot for not that much. Stackhouse was the most valuable player in the trade. Wright is worth more than you might think.

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