west coast summer league notables

More Summer League fun. Watching Summer League basketball is like watching AAA baseball. Most players are prospects, and you get to see some former players that are trying recapture old glory.

Salim Stoudamire – vegetarian athlete who dominated at U of Arizona
Amir Johnson – came over in the Jefferson trade

Quincy Douby – former Kings first round pick
Paul Davis – solid big man who put up decent numbers for the Clippers 2 years ago
Smush Parker – it seems he is in the summer league every year. If you don’t know who he is, then you are not a basketball fan
Patrick O’Bryant – another big man, former lottery pick by Golden St. He got picked up by the Celtics last year. Still a prospect.

Hamed Haddadi – Iran Olympic star and big man prospect
Marcus Williams – Former Nets first rounder, got traded to Warriors last year and didn’t catch on. Went to UCONN. I hope he sticks with the Grizzlies, he was one of my favorite players.
Daniel Ewing – Former Clipper, played in Europe last year

Marcus Vinicius – Former Hornet.

Alan Anderson – former Bobcat
Luke Schenscher – austrailian big man who went to Georgia Tech
Adam Morrison – remember him? former gonzaga, diabetic, bobcats lottery pick. Famous for crying on the court against UCLA.

Hassan Adams – at 25, already an NBA jouneyman. Stat gurus love him.
Rod Benson – famous for his blog about the D League
Brad Newley – another Australian
James White – Made a name for himself at the end of the season and was quite useful for the rockets

Pooh Jeter – former d league all star, I just love his name

Jamal Sampson – former Laker, I believe the Bobcats took him in the expansion draft
Jermareo Davidson – former Bobcat
Acie Law – I thought he was going to be the next great NBA player coming out of college

Shaun Livingston – when he came out of high school, he was hailed as the next Magic Johnson. Its a shame he was drafted by the Clippers

Luke Jackson – another former lottery pick
Mickael Gelabale – former Sonic, France Olympic team member 

Coby Karl – coach of the team’s sun
Cedric Simmons – Another former 1 st rounder bigman
Kareem Rush – won a championship with the Lakers and was a useful player. Dont know why he fell off the face of the earth.

David Harrison – former Indian first rounder. big man. Pacers used to love him. Most famous for starting in Jermain O’Neal’s place after his suspension from the Detroit brawl

The most interesting team of the League
Alex Acker – Former Piston
Morris Almond – former Utah first rounder
Yaroslav Korolev – former Clippers lottery pick, from Russia, still very young and green
David Noel – former Bucks big man
Mouhamed Saer Sene – former Sonics lottery pick, big man project
Nikoloz Tskitishvili – he was the biggest european bust before Darko. Nuggets drafted him in lottery.

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