Smackdown Who Made the Team and thoughts on Friday’s show

Who made the team:
1. Dolph Ziggler (1) retains the number one slot
2. CM Punk (3)
3. Kane – (6) been on a roll since his return
4. Rey Mysterio (8)
5. Jeff Hardy (7)
6. John Morrison (5)
7. Chris Jericho and Edge (2)
8. Cyme Tyme (10)
9. Hart Dynasty
10. R Truth (9)
11. Melina (12)
12. Theodore Long (4)

Jeff Hardy coming out with an eye patch was brilliant. It seems like Hardy is playing heel in the opener with the eye injury.

I am not into hip hop culture but Cryme Tyme’s segment is always great. They need that girl to accompany them to the ring.

John Morrison loss wasn’t that bad when you consider that Dolph Zigler has been on a roll. I don’t think it was time to put these two together considering the push both are receiving.

I hope Ziggler and Rey feud.

Are they trying to kill R Truth off with this character?

Why are Melina and McCool still feuding?

Oh man CMPunk’s monologue is great on Jeff. Lets hope this doesn’t turn into an HBK/Brett Hart thing where it really gets personal.
I hope CMPunk and Kane turn into a team.

Love how Kidd grabbed JTGs underwear and used it against him.

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