Who Made the Team, Week in review

Who made the team has become a popular feature on this site. The pages on their own tend to get a lot of hits so I am starting a Who Made the Team, Week in Review. Here is Number 1

1. Toronto Raptors – I don’t like the trade but I like that they were nice enough to give Marion his money without asking for anything in return.
2. Jayson Werth
3. Edge’s injury
4. NBA summer league
5. Detroit Pistons coaching search – any further down and I would be expecting a phone call (rec league experience)
6. Chad OchoCinco and his twittering during games
7. Tara and her tarantula…and her TNA womans championship
8. Dallas Mavericks – got Shawn Marion at a bargain rate and improved their team.
9. Jeff Francouer and the Mets
10. The Ump who ejected Manny


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