From a fan, a Dodger fan

Mike and Mike just said that their is zero chance that the Dodgers will win the World Series because no NL team in the Wild Card era who had the best record in baseball won the series. As much as I hate to say it, it redeeming; that way my heart won’t break as hard.
I have been a die hard Dodger fan my whole life. I suffer through Jose Offerman at shortstop. I suffered through the Pedro Martinez trade. I watched a man named Delino. I saw all those rookie of the years in a row (Mike Piazza, Eric Karros, Todd Hollandsworth…) I saw Mike Piazza in his prime. I suffered while Barry Bonds was killing the HomeRun record, it felt like all those came off the Dodgers. I suffered through all those horrible years of Adrian Beltre, and then in his contract year he put up major numbers and bolted. I cried when Paul Lo Duca was traded. Yes somehow we are here with a bunch of players who are no more special than any other Dodger team. Sure you could argue that Manny is great, but we had Gary Sheffield in his prime and Mike Piazza. None of those teams had the best record in baseball.

As a fan who doesn’t want his heart broken I don’t think we will make it. Our pitching staff is young and Torre abuses them like they have all the energy in the world and wont run out of gas. Our starting pitching has over achieved (Jeff Weaver and Eric Milton?). Casey Blake has played like he an all star that he isn’t. If I am Ned Colleti I am burning up the phone lines. I even call Paul Byrd and tell him that I want him on my team.

I may love my girlfriend, I may love my cat, I may love my dog, I may love my mom, and I may love my nephews but what do I want a tattoo of over my heart? A Dodgers tattoo.


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