It seems everyone in charge in Washington is destined to fail

So I just got home from a nice jog (3 miles) and saw that Manny Acta was fired. Manny Acta is the Nationals manager. I am pretty sure I sprained/strained/tore a muscle so that means I will have even more time to update this wonderful site.

I don’t blame the Nationals for this move. They gave him a year and half, and its not like they got worse. They got Nick Johnson back, signed Adam Dunn, and traded for some solid Marlins in Scott Olsen and Josh Willingham. Management even ade an effort to upgrade their pitching on top of Olsen, they signed Joe Beimel, Daniel Cabrera, Mike MacDougal and countless others. After all that failed, they get reinforcements from Pittsburgh and still fail. It was up to Manny Acta what he should have done with those players and he hasn’t done anything special. In fact some might say that they want Emilio Bonafacio back, even if it means sending back Josh Willingham. The team got better, the division got worse yet the Nationals record is horrible. The NL East is a winnable division.

One of the first moves the next manager should make is to bench Anderson Hernandez, he should not be starting. Another thing is to get something out of their starting pitchers. (For those who argue, I saw quick name a Nationals starter over 25, you can’t well name a starter over 25. Ha you can’t) Joel Hanrahan was once a solid major who anybody would have wanted, I think he just got burnt out. He may have even had his morale killed, being in Washington can do that to you.


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