Raw thoughts

Below are my thoughts as I was watching raw. They are in order from the opening segment on. I know that Twitter could have easily been used but I don’t have a twitter account and I would rather contain all my sports stuff to this site.


Did Seth Green really say he was going to wrestle? I hope they don’t keep doing this celebrity wrestling with other guest hosts.

No Beth Phoenix in the divas match? I have a secret crush on her.

Miz/Primo…squash match is my guess.
Shit nevermind, Primo is getting more action in than he ever gets.
Heck Yah, love the apple in the face from Carlito to Primo. I was just thinking how that apple spitting gimmick was one of my favorites. A gimmick a face cant pull off.
Watching all these ads, do you the E told USA network to put on Burn Notice (a high rated show which has the male demographic behind it) on Thursdays to steal Impact viewers.

Big Show looks like a fag doing that Austin Powers impression. Now kids, never use that word in school or in front of your parents.

Michael Cole going to the break when Jack Swagger was yelling at him, it was as if it was a voice over because he ignored Swagger and you should have been able to hear Swagger in his mic.
Can’t believe they let Jack Swagger steal MVP’s thunder. MVP’s push has gone away.
Mark Henry is definitly a face. Makes sense because Big Show is a bad guy and you can’t have 2 evil giants.
Nice touch leaving Jericho with only the tie.

Another fucking countout on Raw.

Love how they are letting Kofi speak.
Damn Evan Bourne just landed jaw first, ouch.
Remember when the Big Show had long hair?
Part of me wished that Seth Green got a punt to the head because it would have helped make Randy Orton a huge household name.


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