TMac new that is relevant

For all the shit I give Tracy McGrady I got to give him a hand on this one: he is changing his number to 3 to brinch awareness to the Darfur bullshit. “He is making the switch to promote his humanitarian efforts in the Darfur region of the Sudan and a documentary on his summer 2007 visits to refugee camps in the region. The documentary, “3 Points,” is set for release this fall. The title refers to goals of peace, protection and punishment.”

It should be noted that he will not likely play this year and Trevor Ariza is taking his old number 1.
If he got any money from the uniform switch, which is probably the case, he is not donating that.


One Response to TMac new that is relevant

  1. Mdg says:

    Right on!

    Its good to see recognition of the fact that like you’re gift or mine our success is intended to be a vehicle to bring goodness to this sad world.

    Good job, in promoting goodness!

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