ecw thoughts followed by an open letter to the e

Opened with 2 of my favorite wrestlers but then Kozlov showed up.

I like Yoshi Tatsu’s win streak.

Did Goldust have to job? He was solid in the ring, as I keep saying, I would love to see more of him.

Kozlov has no right beating Tommy Dreamer while he is champ.

Dear WWE,
Telling us to like or hate a wrestler just makes us hate your company. It is something even TNA doesn’t do. Nobody likes Kozlov. He has an underrated wrestling ability in my opinion but he is not a main eventer. He is a horrible villan. Did you guys make him a villain just because he was Russian? We do not live in the 80s. In fact, I think if he was a face their would be less backlash about this guy. He is not a main eventer, he should not be competing for titles.
Also, I would like to add if you want ECW to get better ratings then stop competing with Rescue Me. The only reason why I watched ECW was because I knew I could watch Rescue Me at 11, as far as I am concerned you are lucky that Rescue Me reairs at 11 because you gained some viewers. And even then when I changed the channel to Rescue Me a couple of times.


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