One sport for a young kid?

So I accidentally clicked a wrong link and the web-page led me to comments Tony Romo made about kids not specializing in one sport. I couldn’t agree more, as a rec league coach for football and basketball I see how well those two sports translate to each other. I also used to play hockey and the zone defenses and endurance factor into both basketball and soccer. If you are fortunate enough to live in a place where baseball, football, or basketball are played year round it is still bogus. Basketball builds awareness and toughness, something you wont get while playing or practicing baseball. Hockey and Soccer teach endurance, something you wont necessarily need in baseball or football.
I see kids that only play one sport: they show up at tryouts every year and the kids that play in other sports leagues are the ones blowing them away in tryouts. The kids that play year round sports are the ones that the coaches are salivating for because they know the kids strengths and weakness’. A kid who just came to tryouts from a basketball game is more likely to show his speed, whereas it will take the other kid a couple of minutes and you wont see his best. This is especially important in rec leagues where they make a point to have every team as even as possible.
I have so much more to say on this but even teachers and coaches sleep. I am tired, goodnight students.


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