Dodgers trade options and the reality

Look for the Dodgers to acquire Chad Qualls if he is available. They have a history of dealing with the Diamondbacks and need a reliever.
If I am the Dodgers I ask about Chad Tracy because in my book, he is a better option at third than Casey Blake for next year.

Blue Jays:
Another target for the Dodgers would be Jason Frasor. The organization is familiar with him as he spent all his time in the minors with them.

One thing I can assure you is that Danys Baez won’t be in a Dodger uniform again but if the Dodgers could get their hands on George Sherrill or Jeremy Guthrie they will be happy.
Other Orioles to target include: Aubrey Huff who could be a power bat off the bench. Melvin Mora has a history as a utility player. Cesar Izturis makes a lot of sense because he has more speed than Mark Loretta and could be a solid pinch runner that is needed in the playoffs. (Dave Roberts anybody)

Carl Pavano is not a player I would want on the Dodgers. They already have a guy just like him in Jason Schmidt. Rafael Bentancourt is too inconsistent.
The only logical players for the Dodgers would be Cliff Lee or Kerry Wood. Wood might actually be a solid fit if the Indians kick in some money. Lee would take a package a bit less than Roy Halladay so it would make more sense to target Halladay first because he has the better track record.
Toss-ins to the deal could include Ryan Garko or Jamey Carroll. The Dodgers have been after Carroll for years and Garko would be a nice power bat of the bench.

The always rumor mill traded Matt Capps is the only option the Dodgers would consider.
The Dodgers would have to view Jack Wilson or Freddy Sanchez as utility pieces to get them. The Dodgers and Ned Colleti have a history of acquiring players like them to use in a utility role, ala Julio Lugo. I would prefer Sanchez because he plays gold glove defense at third and short as well as second.
I believe the Pirates still owe the Dodgers a player to be named in the Delwyn Young trade.

They have no useful relievers that I would want on my team in a pennant race but I would to see the Dodgers try and pluck Chris Young from them.

The Mets want no part of JJ Putz so don’t be surprised to see the Dodgers at least scout him.

Reds: is reporting that they are in on:
Francisco Cordero, David Weathers and Arthur Rhodes

Cordero is a closer and making closer money. As much as I would love to see him in a Dodgers uniform, it just isn’t likely. The Reds probably won’t trade him anyway because they are still in the race.
David Weathers and Rhodes are also Reds who will only get traded if the team goes on a losing streak.


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  1. tracking back Dodgers trade options and the reality… tracking back Dodgers trade options and the reality…

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