nba trade

Quick name the 3 teams in the NBA that you don’t want to be on:

Clippers….Grizzlies…Timberwolves… (is that why I am a fan of the Grizzlies and Wolves?)

(The only others that I could think that would make the cut would be the Warriors, Bobcats, and Bucks)

Ya well guess what: Quentin Richardson has been a Clipper, Grizzlie, and now a Timberwolve this year.
As for the rest of the players in the Quentin Richardson deal, getting Sebastian Telefair all but assures Allen Iverson of not being a Clipper. Telefair has struggled in the league because he is not suited to start. He should excel off the bench and look for him to get some 6th man of the year votes.
Craig Smith is the gem of this trade because he gives the Clippers what they need, a solid power forward off the bench to spell Al Thorton and Blake Griffin. (Kaman and Camby are centers.)
Mark Madsen is an LA fan favorite but he will probably be released. He has as much skill as the mascot.

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