raw thoughts

Liked the comedy in the opener. Makes me miss HHH dx days.
Santino’s guitar wasn’t plugged in. ZZ Top arent playing their instruments either. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I don’t like what they did with Carlito and Primo. The needed to build their heat, instead the E just went o yeah these two brothers hate each other and we are magically going to put them in a 6 man tag match and announce that they are in a 6 man US title match.
Were ZZ Top even in the arena?
Cant believe Spanky/Brian Kendrick jobbed to Lawler.
The Miz doesnt think Mickie James is hot? O well, I think she is stunning.
Where is Beth Phoenix?
I feel that by constantly putting the Legacy in handicap matches they are undermining the stregth of Dibiase and Rhodes.
I really like that John Cena has 3 go to moves that he can use to put away somebody, I wish more superstars had that in their repoire.


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