had this written up when the story was first reported on, sorry for the late post

I can’t believe JP Losman is going to the UFL instead of going to the NFL. I understand one’s desire to want to start and be among the best but at the same time I am asking myself: Does starting in a minor league make you feel better than being number 2 in the big leagues?
He says that he didn’t want to be a back-up. As a football coach, I feel that most back up quartbacks who succeed in the league, succeed because they haven’t blown out their arm. That is why you see guys up off the bench after a few years lighting up the league, a la Tony Romo.
I thought that this guy had the potential to be one of the better quarterbacks in the league. The Lions should have taken a look at him. He is a lot better than Jake Delhomme. I firmly believe he is in the Top 35 QBs in the league. Every team in the league can do a lot worse with their back up quarterback.


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