Its a bird, its a plane, no its a basketball falling from the sky

Jamaal Tinsley was waived by the Pacers. He didn’t play last year because the Pacers started an initiative to rid the roster of bad apples. The Pacers and Tinsley were set to go to arbitration over the way he was treated last season. Odds were in favor of Tinsley winning the battle.
Look for Tinsely’s agent to file slander charges against the team now.
Look for whoever loses the Andre Miller battle to sign him.

Since I have been covering Richard Jefferson and his failed marriage, I figured I would tell you that his wife has re appeared. Read all about it here:

I lost a lot of respect for Lebron James. He was running a camp for basketball players to get better, in other words to help them. When a younger guy dunks on him, instead of helping that guy make a name for himself James has all the tapes confiscated. Bullshit. Such a diva thing to do. I am so happy that TMZ gave the guy who dunked on him, his credit because noone else is. His name is Jordan Crawford and he goes to Xavier.
I am not sure where Jordan Crawford is supposed to go in the next draft but if I am a general manager in Lebron’s division, I pick this kid up and give him a shot.

Reports that have the Nets targeting Odom and adding payroll are bogus.

One reason why the Heat can’t trade for Carlos Boozer is because they can’t trade Dorell Wright for value.

Danny Ainge’s son Austin Ainge will coach the Celtics D-League team. I love it when someone young gets a chance to show what they are made of. Austin is 27.

The real reason Steve Nash resigned with the Suns: with the cap projected to go down next year, he wasnt going to get his money.

Why hasn’t Linas Kleiza signed yet? I actually thought he was a perfect fit for the Cavs. A nice 4th scoring option to replace an aging Sczerbiak.


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