impact thoughts

This Impact report is a tad incomplete because quite frankly, I was busy. I was watching 2 – 1 year old twins single handedly. Do you know how hard that is?

The fans loved Taz even though he is supposed to be a villian. The crowd even cheered Samoa Joe when he came out. They also cheered the main event mafia when Taz mentioned them. They booed Hernandez who came back.
Joe versus Homicide was a solid match.
Why wasn’t Joe with the Mafia when they came out? He is a member right?
The tag match of the champions reaked of squash match so I didn’t watch it. Captain Obvious knew who was going to win.
So is Tara turning heel?
Missed the Angle/Foley match but read the spoilers. Lashley didn’t look as powerful as he should have been.


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