Smackdown thoughts, who made the team SD and TNA

At first the way they have Kane playing heel annoyed me but then I realized that they are just making Khali even more of a powerful figure. One that can’t be beat.
Wow, we had a Mike Knox appearance. And a bonus Charlue Haas appearance
Cryme Tyme’s word up is my favorite segment.
Finlay’s music is killing his “person who likes a fight” persona.
Why has Jericho been jobbing?
How is Kane vs Khali not on the pay per view card?
I like how CM Punk’s heel turn is coming with the title on him, any other way and I think he would end up in TNA at year’s end.
Todd Grisham horrible announcer today. At times he was Captain Obvious.
Look at Charlie Haas, best performer of the night.

1. Dolph Ziggler (1)
2. Khali
3. CM Punk (3)
4. Cryme Tyme (Eve is included in my definition of Cryme Tyme)
5. John Morrison (4)
6. Jeff Hardy (5)
7. Hart Dynasty (8)
8. Rey Mysterio (6)
9. R Truth (10)
10. Kane (2)
11. Chris Jericho (9)
12. Curt Hawkins (Zack Ryder has made good now its his turn)

1. Homicide (6)
2. Bobby Lashley
3. Samoa Joe and Taz (Joe, 2)
4. Booker T and Scott Steiner (Ranked with Kevin Nash at 10)
5. British Invasion (4)
6. Eric Young
7. Kevin Nash (10 with T and Steiner)
8. Kurt Angle (1)
9. Mick Foley (9)
10. Sting (3)
11. Hernandez
12. Tara

I rewatched TNA by the way, the tag match with the originals annoyed me even more.


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