trade notes from baseball

Can’t believe Cardinals acquired Matt Holliday. They did this to keep him away from the Giants, as well as to help themselves. The price they paid was extremely steep. They traded their 3rd basemen of the future which is a position they will need soon. My guess is that they didn’t think Brett Wallace would hold up defensively at third base. The Cardinals are a team that values the best defense possible at 3rd base.
This trade spells the end of either Troy Glaus or Rick Ankiel. At this point, I would give Glaus a look at shortstop.
I am not so down on this trade because the last time these teams made a deadline deal with a bat like this, his name was Mark McGwire.

Albert Pujols is eligible for free agency in 2011. Yikes! He could easily command 40 million dollars and get it. Remember he is barely in his late twenties and that contract will cover his prime years.
The Rays would be extremely stupid to trade Scott Kazmir. They may be on the hook for a lot of money for an underacheiving pitcher but he was one of the best pitchers just last year. For a World Series contender, it would be stupid unless you flip the prospects for Roy Halladay.
If I am the Angels, Yankees, or any team in the wild card race: I would kick in a few million dollars or prospects for a bad player to help expediate Kazmir’s trade. I will tell you this, I would rather have Scott Kazmir than Cliff Lee. 
If I am the Rockies, I explore a Marquis for Kazmir deal (straight up).


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  1. tracking back trade notes from baseball… tracking back trade notes from baseball…

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