Night of Champions Odds

Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk
I really think Hardy deserves it but everything I read says his contract is over at the end of the month.

CM Punk 95%
Jeff Hardy 5%

Randy Orton vs Triple H vs John Cena
I would puke if Hunter wins it again, Cena seems to always have a world title. When in doubt bet on the champ.

Orton 40%
Triple H 35%
John Cena 25%

Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler
Zigger needs the title more than Rey.

Dolph 55%
Rey 45%

Kofi vs Big Show vs MVP vs Carlito vs Jack Swagger vs The Miz or Primo
Okay who is the last guy, the Miz or Primo. It makes a huge difference. I would have The Miz heavily favored if he was in the match. I would have Primo not favored at all if he was in the match.

Kofi 25%
Jack Swagger 20%
MVP 20%
Carlito 15%
Big Show 15%
Primo 5%

W/The Miz
The Miz  25%
Kofi 23%
Jack Swagger 14%
MVP 14%
Big Show 12%
Carlito 12%

Michelle McCool vs Melina
I always viewed McCool as a stop gap champion.

Melina 60%
Michelle 40%

Tommy Dreamer vs Christian
I wouldnt rule out the possibility of Kozlov interfering and making it an irrelevant match.

Christian 65%
Dreamer 35%

Jericho and a partner vs Rhodes and Dibiase
The bigger money is whose going to be Jericho’s partner. He hinted at Kane on his twitter, but I wouldnt rule out the Undertaker (he is evil too).

Rhodes and DiBiase 95%
Jericho and ??? 5%

Maryse vs Mickie James
I wouldnt be surprised to see the Miz interfere to help Maryse keep her title.

Mickie 60%
Maryse 40%

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