2 controversial figures in the news today

One is Pete Rose and the annual reinstatement rumors. Please let him in the hall of fame already. If it was any other guy on the bubble I would say no but this guy is the all time hits leader. His record is as unbreakable as Orel Hershiser’s scoreless innings streak. I do not want to see Pete Rose able to manage or work for a team in the front office anywhere though.

As for Michael Vick, well the dude can go to hell. I am all for animal rights and think killing any animal is a sin. He killed more than one and put a lot more at risk. If this was a human he would be in jail for the rest of his life. Yes he did his time, but if this was any other football star Goodell would not reinstate him. (Donte Stallworth killed a jaywalker on accident, this was a thought out dog ring.) I dont ever want to see Michael Vick again.

For the record: yes, I would want Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers or any of Dodger to be banned from the league.


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