raw thoughts

What Jericho said to Shaq was brilliant.

Did anyone notice that Shaq had a Lakers couch in his dressing room area?

Chris Masters? That was random. I was looking forward to him coming back but after watching him today, I could care less.

Too bad Kofi wasn’t in the beat the clock challenege. I am actually not angry that Kendrick got squashed because it built his character.

A blindefold match? Ridiculous.
Why did Chavo try to go on the top rope, to help set up Hornswogsle’s finisher?

I was surprised to see Evan Bourne beat Swagger. When I first heard about the beat the clock challenge, I had him as a slight favorite.
Look at what Evan Bourne did, he was showing off why he is a great wrestler.

Love The Miz’s rant on the Wizards. Brilliant. “As a Cavs fan, how do we keep him fresh? We keep him out against the Wizards because we are going to win anyway.”

Miz has a red rooster thing going on with his hair. Did anyone notice?

Cryme Tyme in the main event?


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