a bland ecw, who made the team: ecw and raw

I watched ECW. It was nothing special. Announcers sucked and so did the crowd. It wasn’t a snoozer but it wasn’t the best show either.

1. Christian (2)
2. Tyler Reks (7)
3. Sheamus (8)
4. Zack Ryder (4)
5. Tommy Dreamer (5)
6. Yoshi Tatsu (1)
7. Kozlov (6)
8. William Regal (8)

1. Mark Henry (3)
2. John Cena (1)
3. Kofi Kingston (5)
4. Evan Bourne (6)
5. HHH (2)
6. Rhodes and Dibiase (9)
7. Randy Orton (4)
8. Big Show (12)
9. Primo (11)
10. Hornswoggle (7)
11. Mickie James 
12. The Miz

This was by far the hardest Raw team to make. Anybody, 1-6 could have earned the top spot. Chris Masters, Rosa Mendes, MVP, and Jack Swagger were all considered for the last spot. Ultimately, I laughed my ass off watching The Miz so he gets the nod.


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