big day for trades

The Mariners struck rich today. They got their Yuneski Bentancourt replacement in Jack Wilson.
Jeff Clement was the reason the Mariners had to trade Ian Snell. A Clement for Wilson trade would have been lopsided in the Pirates favor.
Ronny Cedeno was not a toss in. When you factor in how much the Pirates were paying Jack Wilson compared to how much they will pay Cedeno (ml minimum), he is valuable.
The rest of the pitchers are projectable relievers.
Wladimir Balentin was traded to the Reds for a reliever.
This trade does not mean that the Mariners are buyers at the deadline. It just buys them time until August to see where their team is at.

Cliff Lee and Ben Francisco are no longer Indians.
Francisco is a 5 tool player who needed a change of scenary. Lee is going to a National League team, but with a horrible ball park. Lee is a fly ball pitcher so he will get eaten alive in Philadelphia.
The Indians could have held out for more but still got a solid coup. Marson, the catcher in the deal projects to hit for average and plays solid defense. Jason Donald is overrated but he will give you the defense needed for the middle infield.
Carlos Carrasco and Jason Knapp are injury prone starters. Carrasco specifically needed to get out of the Phillies system before he imploded.
This move puts pressure on the Dodgers to acquire a pitcher. It also forces the Blue Jays to get creative now regarding a Halladay trade.
I would expect this ends the big name players that are moved. Freddy Sanchez and Victor Martinez are the biggest names left on the market.


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  1. tracking back big day for trades… tracking back big day for trades…

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