pwg, pwg, pwg, pwg, pwg

Just got back from PWG Threemendous 2. Wow. Best wrestling event that I have ever been too. The crowd was hot and the wrestlers were feeling it which made for the best event possible.
My student with me was in full loudmouth force cheering for his favorites (El Generico, Chris Hero, Colt Cabana, Roderick Strong, LTP, Johny Goodtime, and Alex Shelley. Poor kid was torn on who to cheer for during the Sabin/American Dragon match)

The main event was brutal and saw both Joey Ryan and Chris Hero bleeding. The crowd was hot for Chris Hero. The kid and Candace were Chris Hero’s only allies.

The Young Bucks seem to officially be heel. They finally lost a match but of course it was non title. Poor El Generico, you could tell he couldn’t do some spots because of his knee but he still gave his all and clearly went beyond his boundaries. He gives his all for us. The crowd turned on them with chants of “same old shit”.

Crowd was hot for Chris Sabin who was playing face but the crowd didn’t care. Chants of “Fuck Detroit” roared through the venue. They also chanted that for Alex Shelley. I felt bad/was annoyed because my/Mr. Cameron Rose’s blood mother was born in Detroit. Sabin/Dragon was a let down because I was expecting the Super Bowl of matches but it was still 5 star quality. Danielson’s chest was blood red by the time Sabin was done with him.

The opening match with the Cutlers/Joey Mercury vs Goodtime/Brandon Gatson/LTP was the best opener that I can remember. My only complaint was that there was not enough “near falls”. And that is a nitpick.

It took a while for the crowd to get into the Richards/Strong match but my student helped a lot. Crowd didn’t appreciate it at first but it was one of my favorite matches of the night. Both wrestlers are truely some of the best in the world. 

Overall, the best show that I have ever been too in my life. PWG proved that they are a can’t miss show. Sorry if I missed any matches. I am too tired. There wasn’t a bad match on the card. 

Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins was in the house. I don’t get starstruck that often (I used to work in the bussiness) but I was in awe. He left before the main event, he missed a lot.
The venue was hot as hell. I was perspirating like crazy and lost 5 pounds from sweat.
Brian Kendrick was in attendance but only hung out in back. He arrived with Sabin and Shelley. 

I know a lot of PWG fans read this and I want to thank them for being nice to my student/brother. You guys do a great job looking out for him and I really appreciate it. It makes my life easier. I also want to thank all the wrestlers specifically Chuck Taylor, Joey Ryan, and Colt Cabana for going out of their way to be nice to him.

Best Performers:
1. FTP, Johny Goodtime, and Brandon Gatson
2. Cutlers
3. Chris Hero
3. 2 skinny black guys
Biggest heat:
1. Chris Hero . crowd was literally 95 – 5 in Joey Ryan’s favor
2. Young Bucks
3. Chris Sabin . would have been cheered if he faced anyone but Danielson. The crowd loves Danielson too much. 
They were all faces


2 Responses to pwg, pwg, pwg, pwg, pwg

  1. […] also read a report at this blog from someone who attended the show who said that Sabin was supposed to be the babyface but got […]

  2. Mr. Cameron Rose says:

    Sabin was having fun with it.
    I think Danielson was supposed to play heel but 2 seconds into his intro it looked like he decided to give into the fans.

    Shelley even went as far as to give the finger to some fans who were saying fuck detroit. Great performers.

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