2 moves that I am not a fan of

The Grizzlies recently cut just about all of their scouts. Yikes! I didn’t hate the Pau Gasol trade as much as most people but this is absurd.
I don’t think the team understands the value of advance scouts. How are they going to spread out their scouts come trade deadline time? That is the thick of March Madness but they need to scout NBA as well at this time. It is absurd to think that the Grizzlies will not be active at the trade deadline. From the article: “This season, the Grizzlies will have no full-time college scouts.” Those scouts on important for the late round draft picks, the European kids, and summer league team.
This franchise should just fold. David Stern needs to step in on this issue because it is absurd. It is not like the Grizzlies are a statistically run front office. In basketball you need your scouts. Their would be no Rashard Lewis, Carlos Boozer without those scouts. Look at the Toronto Raptors. They imported a bunch of americans from europe and suceeded; that was all because of scouts.
Ryan Hollins is now a Timberwolf. It wont be official for 7 days, but the Mavericks said they wont match. I am not a big fan of Hollins’ game but I do wish him well.


One Response to 2 moves that I am not a fan of

  1. The nba wins performance with those europeans players, more interestings

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