mlb tid bits

Bye Bye Sidney Ponson, I can’t believe your fat ass has stayed on the Royals for this long.
Also gone is Robinson Cancel. This Mets catcher third string catcher was cut to make room for Gary Sheffield. It will be a kick to the balls for the Mets to lose him on waivers because he proved that he belongs in the majors.
Mark Prior wasn’t in the news for a while, until now. San Diego didn’t see the point in paying for somebody who won’t help them, ever.
Thinking of Gary Sheffield, I was thinking that he is the perfect reason why August waiver trades are made. He will be a smart pick up for a contending team if he comes cheap.

The Brewers made a nice little under the radar signing by getting Corey Patterson. He will be a solid September call up due to his speed and ability to play all 3 outfield spots.
Dbacks signed Scott Dohmann from Japan. He will probably be invited to spring training next year if he he proves to be usefull in the minors.

The Royals are wasting a precious Arizona Fall League spot on Tony Pena to be a reliever. This is why they are a AAA team (besides the fact that they wasted a roster spot on Sidney Ponson). By the way, I have had the privelage to watch AFL games and they are amazing. If you live in Arizona or with in driving distance, I suggest that you attend a few games.
It was a cool story, I was in Arizona in December of 07 to see the Panthers play the Cardinals and ended up staying at the same hotel of one of the teams. The stadium ended up being across the street. Being the same age, I was able to pick the brain of one of the players during breakfast.


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