In a blog ( Randy (the guy who runs the blog) predicts that Jeremy Borash was the caller on the radio show that leaked all the JJ/Angle bullshit.
I don’t want to take away any visitors from his site because he has been great to me (thanks for the link), but he does make a great point: Would the person take the phone call if it was someone else? Its not like it is common knowledge of who works where.

If I am the WWE and Kurt Angle ends up on his ass as a result of this TNA situation (even though it looks like he is not, you never know) I (the WWE) would not take Kurt Angle in. It would legitimize TNA if they took him back and put him at the top of the card. You know in some of his promos that he will take a shot at Jeff Jarrett and you can’t have that because like I said it would make viewers turn into TNA and help legitimize the promotion.
If I am Ring Of Honor, I pull an ECW and let Angle speak his mind about the situation. Now that would help build a company, Angle would get his money, and JJ would look bad. Everyone wins.


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