Brian Kendrick returns

PWG announces a crazy ass card for August:

Roderick Strong vs Chris Hero for the title
Young Bucks vs Joey Ryan and Karl Anderson
American Dragon Bryan Danielson vs Brian “Spanky” Kendrick in a grudge match
El Generico vs Chuck Taylor in a street fight for number one contender for tag title (this would be Human Tornando and Generico vs Chuck Taylor and Kenny Omega but Omega is in Japan)
Scotty “Colt Cabana” Goldman vs Scott Lost
The Cutler Brothers vs. Brandon Gatson & Johnny Goodtime
Charles Mercury vs. Jerome “LTP” Robinson 

LTP is one of the best young talents out their with the Cutler Brothers.
Chuck Taylor and El Generico will be a fun match.
Spanky is obviously playing heel with the ever so over Danielson.
Where is Davey Richards?
Cabana/Lost may be the match of the night, no joke.
This card may not feature London, Shelley and Sabin but it is stacked with amazing matches. We will be spoiled. I wouldn’t overlook the Strong/Hero. We get 2 hardcore matches which is a rarity.


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