What is below, is based on reviews from a number of sites (3 plus WWE dot com, I also watched some highlights on, on top of the few minutes I saw.

I caught the last few minutes of the Dreamer/Christian match. It seemed like a great match. Not as good as Joey Ryan/Chris Hero but it was solid. Everyone seemed to criticize the Dreamer/Christian match but I really liked it. It actually seemed like a PPV quality match.

Everything I read about the Abraham Washington segment made no sense. There is a reason why I never watch that segment and apparently today proved why.

I am glad that Goldust is getting some character development but do they have to make him job in every match. In my book, this character should be in the WWE title hunt.

I like the nice Ezekiel Jackson/Kozlov feud they have going. Who is the heel though?

I love they way they are building the Hurricane. Maybe in the end, he will save Tiffany and they will fall in love.


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