Prince Fielder and respect

I wanted to cover 2 things today. Instead of writing 2 articles, we can thank Prince Fielder for giving me a reason to combine them.

Prince Fielder had to be held back from the Dodgers clubhouse after getting hit by a pitch.
Fielder obviously got hit on purpose. It was retaliation for Manny Ramirez being hit by a pitch. Was the Manny hbp on purpose, that is debatable. I think it was on purpose, if it was a lesser player then I wouldn’t think this way. The Brewers were obviously pissed about the Dodgers piling it on. Some players get mad that someone steals a base, or pitchers stilll throwing inside when teams are up by 8 or more and the game is out of reach, like this game. I think they took it out on Manny and the Dodgers like any good team would do, retaliated right back.
Prince Fielder is the Brewers best player and was the obvious choice to get hit. I don’t understand his reaction, it has obviously happened before and will happen again. Prince needs to get used to this treatment. To be the player that gets hit by the pitch, actually says alot about you as a player (you are good and they picked you because of that).
Prince overreacted, both players should have never been hit by the pitch. It happened let it go.
This leads me to the importance of the handshake right after the game. It is something that every youth team does, and most hockey clubs.

After spending the day in court (for matters not related to me, I want to point out), I understand how important it is to shake hands with your opposition. In any sport you are figting for the same thing, a win; which only one team can do in a game.
In life, specifically in court two people fight for one thing but only one thing can happen. Breaks go both ways: a penalty one way in sports and a judge ruling in another. After you have to respect that everyone is fighting for the same thing. Things may get heated but when its over you have to respect that it is the end. It makes no sense for someone to get animated after a game/case/etc. because it will get you nowhere. In fact in Prince Fielder’s case it might actually get him suspended, in the court’s case you can get arrested. To make things easier on yourself, you gotta look the opposition in the eye and admit it was a great battle.
Today in court, I made a point to go to the oppositions lawyer and shake his hand. He fought his battle, the people I was with fought theirs and you have to respect that. After ever game that I have coached I had to shake the other coach’s hand as well as his players. It would have felt akward not to shake the oppositions hand today. 
(Dialing Lebron James) This is something that is taught at the ground levels of sports, why is it neglected at the higher levels when it matters? Kid will always be friends with the kids who are in their school, regardless of what team they are on so why don’t adults?


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  1. tracking back Prince Fielder and respect… tracking back Prince Fielder and respect…

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