It has been suggested that TNA needs a total roster overhaul to compete and come back to respectability.

If I was in charge, here is who I would keep and release:

A.J. Styles – he still has another 10 years left of 5 star matches in him 
Alex Shelley – he could easily be a future world champion
Amazing Red  – a veteran who knows his role is always valuable
Brother Devon and Brother Ray – only if they are willing to help put over young talent 
Brutus Magnus – this is another guy who I see as a future star
Chris Sabin – While I am not sure if he is world champion material, he has put on some of the best wrestling matches that I have ever seen. 
Hernandez – not sure if he is world champ material but the fans love him
Homicide – see Hernandez
Jesse Neal  – I drool over him, I would push him through the roof once he established himself as a wrester who can hold a match
Matt Morgan – can hold a match and offers a different style than all the wrestlers above
Rhino – I would use him as my veteran champ. I loved him in ECW.
Robert Roode 
Scott Steiner – I would use him as my Angle. He has so much charisma. He made a great champ in WCW.
Shark Boy – another respected veteran who can help put people over, especially heels
Abyss – his character has run its course in TNA
Big Rocco  
Bobby Lashley – he is clearly more focused on his MMA career
Booker T – he is aging and is already pursuing other career opprotunities
Eric Young – see Abyss
Jay Lethal – his character is one of the most annoying I have seen and I liked Randy Savage.
Jethro Holliday – perfect example of what TNA is doing wrong. Former WWE talent who is signed because of that.
Kurt Angle – He wants to book the show, you cant have that no matter who you are.
Mick Foley – I will send a walker with your last check
Sally Boy 
Samoa Joe – I fear TNA may have killed his character. For his benefit I would cut him and see what he can do in the other promotion. He deserves to be on top but his name is not big enough to hold TNA over.  
One the fence:
(These are wrestlers who I may or may not cut if I was in charge. As you can see their is a lot of talent here)
Cody Deaner – I am not a fan of his gimmick but he is a solid wrestler.
Consequences Creed – a young talent who deserves a chance, would definitly keep if he came at a cheap price but that is not fair to him
Daniels – a solid veteran but we are trying to thin the roster. Unfortunately, I do not care for his charisma. A solid wrestling match can only carry you so far.
Doug Williams – a veteran. If he knows his role, he would be great.
Dr. Stevie – not big enough to carry TNA, a veteran who deserve his due but the roster needs to be thinned
James Storm – deserves a chance on the single circuit but he is in a loaded single circuit
Kevin Nash  – When I think of wrestling champions, I think of Kevin Nash.
Kiyoshi – I am not a fan of people who cannot speak english, although I did like the japanese stables in the late 90s (kae en ti and Jung Dragons)
Rob Terry – can he hold a match? He has the look to be a future champ or chump.
Sheik Abdul Bashir – in a perfect world, I would keep him but looking at all my talent you have to make cuts somewhere.
Suicide – I like Frankie Kazarian but he is not offically on the roster. In a perfect world, I would recreate this character as a Kane/Undertaker gimmick and put someone like Rob Terry in the costume and have him do quick squash matches to develop him as a monster heel. I would then have him try and play mindgames with his opponents to get in their head…Not a character I would market to kids, his name is Suicide.   
Who would I bring in?
(I am only familar with the SoCal wrestling scene. A lot of it is stale but we do have PWG which brings in wrestlers from all over the states. I also follow CZW but it is hard to know all the wrestlers when you live in another state)
The Young Bucks – youtube their match with Shelly and Sabin, it was the best ever
Roderick Strong – here is guy who has loads of talent and the superstar look
Scott Lost – loads of charisma
Jody Fleisch
BG James – I would use him as a manager.
Heidenreich – if he came cheap, he would be nice undercard wrestler
Alex Wright – I just miss him, I know he wont
Chuck Taylor – if you want to see a comedy match then watch him wrestle. He has all the moves but their are moments where you laugh your ass off. This is a skill that is overlooked. Charisma + talent = solid package who deserves a shot
Kenny Omega – see Chuck Taylor, Omega is just a little more established
Excalibur – As a commentator. Don West and Mike Tenay do a good job but they are stale.


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