Smackdown notes

Taking the belt off of CM Punk and putting it on Jeff Hardy despite him leaving was a smart move. It has helped build CM Punk as a heel.
Wow a Jesse vs Charlie Haas match. Who would have thought that these 2 would be fighting this far away from the draft. I was sure one of them would have been released by now.
Look at Rey Mysterio. He made a point to touch everyone hand who wanted it, and made a point to acknowledge every kid he was near that had a Rey mask.
Having Mike Knox in the Intercontinental title picture proves that it is a weak intercontinental title scene. Dolph Ziggler has risen to the top awfully fast. Hopefuly we will see the Miz on Smackdown to fix that.
Chris Jericho versus JTG was one of the better matches of the night. HAHA Shad is balding.
Ricky Ortiz could easily be a face.
What did Matt Hardy do? I am confused. I hope this leads to a push.


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