ortiz got canned

Releasing Ricky Otiz was stupid. While I do not know enough about him as a wrestler, I think his character was tailor made for succes and he would have made for a great up and comer in a company that needs all the talent they can get.
He was probaby released because he was 34 and WWE needs youth. His towel gimmick was a nice little niche for a guy who needed it. It looked like the gimmick was getting over. Maybe it came time to place an order for all those towels and instead of doing, the E decided that Ortiz didn’t have the staying power.
This kills the Smackdown roster and the US Title picture. Maybe the ECW talent initiative should spread to Smackdown as well. Raw just got Chris Masters and he would have made a nice addition to the SD roster, though his style doesn’t fit.


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