And the winner for worst move of the next 20 years: the Blue Jays for not only signing Alex Rios to the crazy contract, not for giving away an all star player, but for turning down an offer of Tim Lincecum for a player that they just gave away.
Rios clearly has talent, and lots of it. Baseball reference pointed out who was the most similar to Alex Rios based on his age; does the name Bernie Williams mean anything to you? Shannon Stewart, Mel Hall, and Rondell White were all on that list as well. While that is not hall of fame company, all are five tool players who were borderline all stars every year of their prime.
Is the claim a risk on the White Sox part, absolutely; but I would have done it.
I don’t think that the white sox thought that they would get Rios for free when they claimed him. I am curious as if Kenny Williams got the owner’s permission for this move. This move clearly spells the end of another high salary player on the White Sox regardless.
Today, the Brewers raised the white flag on their season. They cut 2 of their best players: JJ Hardy and Bill Hall.
This move was made in reality to give the team a jolt for the playoff push before they sink. Captain Obvious says it will not, unless they can get something useful for Bill Hall.
The Brewers had multiple bites on Bill Hall during the offseason. A lot of general managers wanted him on their team. Now, if somebody acquires Hall it will be surprise to everyone. Hall is making 7 million dollars a year right now, no one will pay a 200 hitter that much.
Jason Bourgeois is nothing special. He is a minor league journeyman on his last chance. He is 27.
The Brewers also fired their pitching coach. I am not sure about this move but teams have a history of dumpin pitching coaches instead of their manager. Didn’t the Brewers fire their manager midseason last year?
They also acquired David Weathers from the Reds. I have never been a fan of Weathers but he has been a serviceable reliever.
Angels released Justin Spier in a bold move. The Angels have made moves like this in the past and were dead on so I can’t say anything bad about it.
Tampa Bay claimed Riss Springer away from Oakland. Oakland clearly dumped payroll in this move.

Diamondbacks sign Daniel Cabrera and cut Tom Gordon. Gordon’s career is probably over.
Scott Schoenweis was sent to the DL with depression in a move that hits close to him for me. His wife just died. I feel for him, I just visited a man whose wife has died recently. His wife died on May 20th, the person who I visited had his wife die in March. For Schoenweis to make it this long without breaking down is an accomplishment. I wish Scott Schoenweis and RR all the best in the world.


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