Fantasy QB rankings from a guy that understands football

I hate fantasy football but I am a real football coach. One of my dreams is to become an NFL football coach. I coach football every fall and love it. It is a passion, a passion that I have become great at. I have been able to blindly pick a qb for my team in the later rounds of park leagues. I know how to scout qbs. I knew Jake Delhomme would blow up because he has bad intangibles, Phillip Rivers proved to me that he is one of the best qbs in the league.
Without further ado:

Ranking the fantasy QBs:

1. Kurt Warner
Love his weapons
2. Drew Brees
3. Ben Roethlisberger
4. Donovan McNabb
He now has 2 qbs breathing down his neck. I expect him to succeed as a result.
5. Chad Pennington
One of the best QBs in the league.
6. Peyton Manning
I fear the loss of Harrison.
7. Jason Campbell
Poised for a breakout season
8. Matt Ryan
Solid targets, mean big fantasy numbers
9. Tony Romo
He won’t have Owens breathing down his neck so he will be able to think clearly. I expect some good things out of him.
10. Tom Brady
Would be higher if I had faith in his injury comeback. Having Brady this low shows just how good the QBs in this league are.
11. Jay Cutler
12. Phillip Rivers
One of the best QBs in the league period. He just doesn’t have enough at reciever to make him a fantasy threat.
13. Matt Schaub
14. Matt Hasselbeck
15. Aaron Rodgers
16. Eli Manning
17. Carson Palmer
18. Brady Quinn (if he is a starter)
I expect him to be solid this season. The only thing stopping him, is being named the starter.
19. Marc Bulger
20. David Garrard
21. Jamarcus Russell
22. Trent Edwards
He has the weapons but it is him, that I don’t have the faith in.
23. Kerry Collins
24. Joe Flacco
25. Matt Cassel


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