the angle angle

I missed the TNA PPV because I was busy moving from one house 100 miles away from the other. I can’t believe that TNA went through with keeping the belt on Angle. This was clearly not a smart move. 
There is a reason why the WWE has back up plans for every angle. (When Batista got injured as champion, the WWE did not have to scramble to determine the next champion, they only had to scramble to determine how he would get the belt…Do you think that WWE does not have plans if Jeff Hardy is leaving or not?) TNA proved that they did not have a back up plan. Every good writer has back up plans. When movies are being made, some scripts have 2 or different sub plots that can be used depending on if a director/actor hates them.
I wan’t to address the people who can be the next TNA champion:
Sting: the only logical choice but TNA does not use logic. Rumored to retire in October, he will probably get one last title run.
Samoa Joe: How can he win it from Angle without looking absurd himself? He deserves it but the storylines are not in a position to give it to him. 
Bobby Lashley: do you give him the title now that he just joined the company. I gotta tell you that this will make the company more enticing to future big names employees. “If they gave Bobby Lashley the belt when he first signed, why wouldn’t they do that to me?”
AJ Styles: the only other guy not buried.

Here is a link to the criminal report filed on Kurt Angle:
Interesting notes from the complaint:
“Angle stated his ex-girlfriend, (name removed), and he had an altercation at his residence in Moon township last evening.”
“Inside one of the compartments was a capped syringe and two vials of “Hygetropin” which also contained the label “recumbant Human Growth Hormone Somatropin for injection.””
“Angle was placed into custody for the PFA violation and the drug charges and taken to the Robinson Twp. Police Station without incident by (the officer).”
“She stated to me that she could see Angle accessing her cell phone that she left in the car and feared he was deleting her text messages and pictures she had of past abuse against Angle.”


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