The other day, Randy Wolf was a triple away from a cycle. Just wanted to take a second to congratulate him. The El camino Real High School product (my alma mater) picked up the win as well.
It is hard enough for a hitter to have that good of a game, but Wolf is a pitcher.

So today I was watching ESPNews and Peter Gammons was on. He made a great point that young pitchers are afraid to pitch inside because of the metal bat.
Metal bats are being so players can drive the ball farther, which means the ball goes faster. As a result the pitcher has less reaction time. A pitcher is more prone to get hit by a line drive.
What does this have to do with pitching inside? Inside pitches are close to the batter and require less time to connect with the bat. Sure it is a few milliseconds difference but those millieseconds count when your life goes slow.
Have you ever been hit by a baseball? It hurts. I had a baseball thrown at my chest when I was, I now have lifelong rib damage. I could throw a baseball 79 miles an hour when I was in 6th grade, that translate well: it is the equivalent of throwing around the mid 90s as an adult. I was too afraid to put that talent to use because I was afraid of the ball. Baseball’s are not soft, they are hard. I can’t think of anything harder.

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