Sorry for the lack of updates. Moving is hard. I should be finished by the start of next week. Then I have to unpack and figure out what I am going to do for the rest of my life because I am too mean to teach.

The Dodgers signed Vincente Padilla.
I am a huge fan of this signing. The Dodgers got a steal, a pitcher with solid stuff on a minor league deal. Damn!
I have been following Padilla’s career for a while. Padilla is very comparable in stuff and consistency to Oliver Perez. Both can be lights out one game and give up 10 runs the next. In both cases, I think it is all in their head.
Padilla is fucking crazy and it shows in his stuff and consistency. He is bipolar on the mound, literally. He will throw at you one minute and strike you out the next. Padilla and Manny are just what the Dodgers have been lacking, forever. Padilla is the type of pitcher who will retaliate the second the other team does anything (literally anything: he has been known to throw at batters who run the bases the “wrong way” during a home run).
I think Joe Torre is the perfect manager for him to keep him in check.


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