tna impact

Impact was horrible. Was Jarrett a great writer or is Vince Russo just bad when he doesn’y have a filter?
The way that they are setting up the Matt Morgan angle is horrible and will kill his character. (It looks like it is coming to a head with Angle and Morgan having a match as 2 heels. If Morgan says that his plan all along was to fuck Kurt after what Kurt did during the title match then that will make Morgan look like a heel, when he is supposed to turn babyface.)

I am torn on whether to like th AJ Styles angle. On one part, it adds character depth but on the other: I question if this is killing his character.

The Womens tag team championship tournament, I like it but the way they are throwing teams together is bullshit. It also looks like the Beautiful People wont appear in it, lame. Without the Beautiful People it just seems like another title for the Main Event Mafia.

I like how Awesome Kong is a tweener.

It looked like Earl Hebner had a hitler mustache.

The British Invasion/Beer Money match was one of the best tv matches that I have seen this year.
Another brilliant piece of tv was the Machine Guns segment. They need to show those guys off more. Sabin may not have the looks but he is actually gold on the mic as we saw. (We already know that he is gold in the ring.)

TNA seems desperate if they are going to put Dixie on tv. It shows how much they miss Jeff.


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