Okay, I was going to be lazy and not post anything today but between the story of a lady trying to slaughter a goat painted purple and Edgerrin James getting signed, I have to post stuff. (To tell you the truth, I have been overwhelmed with moving and am still coping with the death of Mrs Rose even though it was in March)

Here is the story: A Minnesota lady needs her car fixed so she can head to her next destination. She is there with her kid and everything is fine, little does she know that her mechanic has found what is in her trunk: a live fucking goat. Did I mention that this goat was painted purple and had a shaved number 4 on its body. The goat was also tied up and moaning. The mechanic confronts the bitch and she says that she had plans to slaughter it. The mechanic then acts like everything is normal and thankfully calls animal control, saving the goats life.
I have a problem with a bunch of things about this story.:
– Captain Obvious says that if you are going to do something stupid then you do it away from people, and certainly never include children in your antics. This lady was with her fucking kid. On top of that this dumb bitch was teaching her son that it is okay to abuse animals.
– Anybody that puts anything that isn’t a collar or medical related on animals needs to fucking go to hell. Animals have fur. This includes paint, dog shirts (they look fucking retarted on dogs and newsflash to owners: they say that you are a fucking retard as well), and anything else.
– I am all for superstitious things but this is not superstitious, this is psychotic. A goat and the Minnesota Vikings have nothing in common. (Even Cubs fans don’t kill goats) What Nomar does everytime at the plate, is superstitious.
I am so thankful that their are people in this world like the mechanic who know that hurting animals is wrong. 

I wasnt expecting to hear Edgerrin James ever get signed again.

Phillip Rivers signed a megadeal. I gotta say, I love it. If I had to sign one quarterback for the next 10 years, it would be Rivers. He has more talent and is as productive than any quarterback in the league.


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  1. Baseballbriefs.com tracking back …

    Baseballbriefs.com tracking back …

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