The Red Sox put a claim on Billy Wagner’s trade waiver’s rights. Billy Wagner didn’t like the idea so he started a shit fit.
Now it is coming out why he doesn’t want to go to the Sox. He doesn’t want to win a championship, he wants to break a record. He wants 400 saves and being on the Red Sox will mean he pitches into October and he is worried that he would hurt his arm at the risk of the 400 mark and his next contract. This is a guy who signed for 30 million over 3 years on his last contract. Look at his baseball reference site, he has made 75 million in his career. That is 75 million and no championship. Fucking athletes, but maybe it is because I coach (where the goal is winning and not stats) but this is insane.
Here is the kicker, Wagner is not even guaranteed a contract for next season. Nobody has seen enough of his post surgery arm, and nobody will see enough to invest a healthy chunk of change and a prominent role on a team for a guy like this next year. If he were to pitch in the postseason, not only would he get a chance at a championship(that has alluded him, his whole career) but he would have a chance at a bigger payday.


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