Raw pissed me off and I love DX.

McMahon pinned the WWE Champion. Yes it was his birthday, but what a load of shit. Your champion is supposed to be strong.
MVP and Mark Henry being thrown in a tag team and then being immediate contenders for the tag titles is a load of shit. After their first match, they are set to have a title shot at a pay per view? This is exactly how the WWE killed the tag titles, this is not how they recussitate the the titles.
So many matches for the pay per view were thrown together real quick with no anticipation. They turned Summerslam into a PPV that is a waste. Summerslam was supposed to be the Wrestlemania of the summer, a time for feud enders(Jeff Hardy and CM Punk was the only one and that is only because Hardy is selfhishly leaving the E) and a time to make stars (CM Punk was the only one). The Raw after Summerslam is supposed to start big and fresh; Instead the whole show was about Mr. McMahon.
Hornswoggle vs Chavo again?
Part of what made the Miz awesome was because of his charisma. I really hope that they arent changing his character.


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