Got back from PWG about an hour ago. Had to drive 80 miles just to get there because of the move but it was worth it.

Because of finances (gas, and such), I wont be attending next week but I was able to shake Bryan Danielson’s hand. All the wrestlers, especially Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, and Danielson are really nice guys.
Paul London was in attendance. He didn’t wrestle or even appear on the show but he hung out in back. I think that he is dating Candace LaRae because they always seem to arrive together. Speaking of Candace, where was she with Chris Hero?

Brian Kendrick played heel. He stole a victory from Danielson.
LTp Robinson is getting over with the crowd. Personally, he is one of my favorite wrestlers.
Maybe the wrestlers are selling better but I saw a couple legit injuries. Lots of people left in pain. El Generico was one, another was the dude from australia (Shane Haste). Every time Haste landed, it looked brutal. I don’t know how he will continue wrestling without breaking a shoulder, if he didnt today. Also Brandon Gatson wasn’t on his A game, he landed on his head more than Chris Benoit ever did in one match, today.

Chuck Taylor and the Cutler brothers are turning into fan favorites. I like both a lot myself. The Cutlers have a fun little thing going on. They arent as flashy as the Bucks but they do a lot of unique moves. Chuck Taylor is just fucking hilarious.

Colt Cabana is a fun wrestler to watch. He brought out Scott Lost’s personality and the match was a blast. It seems that Colt just says fuck it, I already made it to the WWE, they wont re hire me anytime soon: so I may as well have fun with it. It shows and I personally enjoy it. Wrestling matches are stories and Colt does a great job getting that story across with his humor.

The Young Bucks made Joey Ryan and Karl Machine Gun Anderson look like pros. Great match as usual. Joey is truly the hero of PWG. Everybody loves it.

One more note from Gatson vs Cutlers, it was a great match but when Gatson had to tell the ref that he was the legal man, it was lame. I hope that the ref got blasted because that was bullshit. For the record, I may be giving Gatson shit but he has turned into one of my favorite wrestlers as well.

Danielson vs Kendrick was lame. Kendrick was the heel but noone cared except the kid. Kendrick hit Danielson in the crotch for the win, lame.

Generico/Taylor was a great street fight. Generico shined but looked like he had a legit injury at the end.

Roderick Strong vs Chris Hero was the match of the night. I actually thought that Strong had it won on multiple occassions. Stong would make a great champ.


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