Fuck Stephen Jackson, he just signed what is probably the top 5 worst contracts in basketball history (which is saying a lot) and now he is requesting a trade off the team that was willing to pay for his sorry ass.
He says that he wants to go to a contender but this guy is a pretender, he mentioned the Knicks as a place that he would like to go to. Yes, the Knicks in 3 years but the Knicks now, ha.
If I am another GM in the league, would I be interested in Stephen Jackson? Yes, he is a great 7th man. I would send you a bunch of crap and in exhange I would ask for Anthony Randolph, Cash, and a first round draft pick for taking on Stephen Jackson, his bad attitude, and his laughable salary.
You have to remember, Ron Artest was not the craziest guy in the brawl in Detroit, it was Stephen Jackson. Many argued that it was Jackson who deserved the yearlong suspension.



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