playing gm: mlb west

Who I would not claim:
Darren Oliver: old and a horrible player
Chone Figgins: overrated
Matthew Brown: not familiar with him
Terry Evans: not good
Rob Quinlan: does not have the bat to start
Gary Matthews: contract

Millwood: overrated and overpaid
Eyre, Holland, Guardado, Nipper, Poveda: crap
Ivan Rodriguez: old
Omar Vizquel: old, overrated
Nelson Cruz, Andrew Jones, David Murphy, Marlon Byrd: Overrated

Player who I would claim:
Michael Young: He deserved his contract and is a great player

Every pitcher except Felix Hernandez, and Gaby Hernandez
Kenji Johjima: overpaid
Rob Johnson: nothing more than a back up catcher
Adrian Beltre: I dare you to tell me that he never took steroids!
Bill Hall, Jack Wilson: overpaid
Jack Hannahan, Josh Wilson: backups
Griffey, Sweeney: veterans that are holding on

Breslow, Eveland, Reineke: dont want to take a chance
Mark Ellis, Jack Cust: overrated
Patterson, Denorfia, Sweeney, Crosby: belong in the minors
Kennedy, Brett Tomko and Garciaparra: take a guess

Affeldt, Howry, Johnson, Medders, Miller: not willing to take a chance
Zito: ha
Molina, Whiteside: overpaid and old catchers
Renteria, Uribe, Aurillia: old and overpaid
Rowand and Winn: overpaid

This is the team that I know best so listen up on my opinions:
Mota, Weaver, Wolf, Schmidt, Ohman, Milton, Kuroda: old, overpaid
Ausmus: back up catcher
Casey Blake: his production will drop next year
Juan Castro: would you want him?
Pierre: guess?
Repko: not an everyday player, their is a reason he is in the minors

Everyone except Adrian Gonzalez. Look at the team, they are taking a bunch of players and throwing them to wall to see if they stick.

Who would I claim:
Scherzer, Qualls, Haren, and Garland. Everyone else is not that consistent. That means you Mark Reynolds and your shitty defense.

WHo would I claim:
Beimel, Betanccourt, Marquis, Street, Atkins, Barmes, and every outfielder on their 40 man. They are all talented.

Goodnight, I am super-tired


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