playing gm waiver claims al east:


Who I would not claim:
Chad Moeller: as you will see, back up catchers are not people that I would ever claim. There is too big of a risk that a team will just let a player and his few at bats go.
Melvin Mora: Have you seen how big his salary is? He has attitude too.
Rich Hill: I believe he makes a million plus

Nobody is really questionable on this team except Cesar Izturis. I have seen Cesar at the top of his game, he is a solid player for the end of the year who does whatever is asked of him. Ty Wiggington is the other but he is on a low salaried contract.

Daisuke Matsuzaka: Salary, inconsistency
Takashi Saito: age
Billy Wagner: Full of crap
Jason Varitek: light hitter who makes too much
Alex Gonzalez: useless
Mike Lowell: don’t want his salary
JD Drew: Overpaid

Questionable: David Ortiz: I would take that risk

Sergio Mitre: no real trade value
AJ Burnett: overpaid
Chad Gaudin, Alfredo Aceves: no trade value
Andy Pettite: dont know where to start, never liked him, overpaid, not consistent
CC Sabathia: dont want his contract in 3 years
Kevin Cash, Jose Molina: no trade value, molina cant hit to save his life
Jerry Hairston: no trade value
ARod: contract
Shelley Duncan, Eric Hinske: no trade value
Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon: overpaid  

Questionable: Jeter: would sell too many jerseys and plus I would get laid just for being with him

Russ Springer: salary, not always consistent
John Jaso, Shwan Riggans: not prospects
Gregg Zaun, Gabe Kapler, Brian Shouse: Old, nothing to offer

Questionable: Pat Burrell: I like his game

Blue Jays:
Accardo, Downs, Cecil, Hayhurst, Janssen, Murphy, Purcey, Richmond, Roenicke, Romero x2, Tallet, and Wolfe: too old/inconsistent or useless
Barajas, Barrett, Chavez: back ups
Bautista, Ruiz, Inglett, McDonald, Millar: light hitting, useless
Wells: salary

Questionable: Did I miss anyone?


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  1. tracking back playing gm waiver claims al east:… tracking back playing gm waiver claims al east:…

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